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SAMHSA - Communities Talk About Prevention


Tune in to SAMHSA’s new pilot podcast series to learn how community-based organizations and institutions of higher education are advancing substance use prevention in their own communities! In each episode of Communities Talk About Prevention, you'll learn about the substance use and related issues organizations are facing in their community, how they tailored their work to meet their community’s needs, how they overcame challenges in organizing a prevention-focused activity and how they measured success. Most importantly, they’ll share tips on what worked for them, which we hope will inspire you to get involved in prevention in your own community. This pilot podcast series features participants from SAMHSA’s national Communities Talk initiative. Since 2006, thousands of Communities Talk events and activities held across the country have helped increase public awareness of and action around the prevention of substance use and misuse, covering topics such as underage drinking, vaping, marijuana, opioids, methamphetamine, suicide, mental health, and more.